How to choose snowboard boots of appropriate size?

The size of snowboard boots is given in the mondopoint system, in the following article you will learn what the mondopoint system is and how to properly measure your feet to select the right boots.

Stand with feet straight and with your back against the wall and measure the size of your foot in cm from heel to toe. Round the result to the nearest 0.5cm (for example 26.3=26.5, 28.7=29 or 26.8=27). If you prefer to wear thicker socks add 0.5-1cm to the final result.

Use the following conversion chart to figure out your monodopoint size based on standard shoe size:


Classical lacing
Composed of standard laces (similar to the laces on any ordinary shoe) This is a simple, but tried and true system of lacing snowboard boots.The classical system has one disadvantage, that being the long and tedious lace-up time.

BOA system
The BOA system contains a small wheel onto which the laces are bound thus providing easy adjustment and a tight fit.This system is simple, fast and comfortable.It has also stood the test of time and is known for its reliability

Quick Fit
Mechanism that has been adapted from inner sole lacings.It is fast and easy, enabling the boarder to lace up the boot with speed and minimal effort