How to choose the correct length and type of cross-country skis?


Back country cross-country skis
These skis are designed for off-trail skiing and skiing in difficult mountainous terrain.
The skis frequently feature steel edges for trekking across icy surfaces.
The skis have increased width to ensure that the skier does not fall through while trekking across deep snow.
The length of the skis is on average 10-15cm longer than the height of the skier.
For steeper terrain choose shorter and therefore more manouverable skis.

Classic cross-country skis
Classic cross-country skis are designed for skiing on designated and maintained ski paths.
Compared to back country skis they are significantly more rigid and tough.
Length of the skis is approximately 20-30cm longer than the height of the skier.
When choosing cross country skis it is imperative to consider the weight of the skier.
Longer skies are more suited for heavier skiers while lighter skiers should opt for shorter skis.

Skate – Cross country skis
Skate type cross-country skis are shorter and more rigid than other ski types while also featuring an upward curved tip.
They are designed for designated and maintained ski paths with and for more experienced skiers.
Harder skis are generally faster than softer skis since they provide a more efficient force transition between the skier and the track.
Beginners are encouraged to try softer variants of skate skis before transitioning to more rigid variants.
Length of the skis tends to be 5-15cm longer than the height of the skier.