How to choose the right snowboard bindings size?

Sizes are shown in the MONDO-POINT system based on the size of the snowbard shoe:


  •          XS:    19 – 22,5 MP

  • ·         S:      23 – 26    MP

    ·         M:     27 – 28,5 MP

    ·         L:      29 – 29,5 MP

    ·         XL:    30 - 32     MP

Size of the snowboard shoe is given in what is called the MONDO-POINT system, in the following article you will learn what it is and how to measure your feet properly to select the right size shoe.

Stand with your back against the wall and with your heel against the wall measure the size of your foot from heel to toe. Round the measure to the nearest 0.5cm. (for example 26.3=26.5, 28.7=29 or 26.8=27). Don’t forget, if you prefer to use thicker socks feel free to add 0.5-1cm to your final measurement.

If you are having trouble with your selection, do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to offer advice . 

The following standard foot size conversion chart can be helpful in making your selection: