How to use the E-shop


Select the desired product

During your product selection you can always consult our professional staff to help answer any questions you may have. Our staff will help you find the product and accessories that you are lookng for, whether you are looking for the best value for money, product from a world-renowned manufacturer or a best selling product based on our customer reviews.


Place the desired product into your E-shop cart

After placing a product into the cart you may continue shopping and browsing our inventory or you can proceed to our simple 4 step checkout process.


Step 1: E-shop cart contents

Here you will verify the products that you have selected for purchase and that are currently in your E-shop cart. You may choose to adjust the quantity of the product ordered or remove your selection from the cart.


Step 2: Delivery and payment

In this step you will choose the method of delivery and your method of payment.


Step 3: Delivery information

In this step you will provide the delivery address and the billing address (if different from delivery address)


Step 4: Order summary and confirmation

In this step you will be able to review your order, method of delivery, delivery and billing address and other information relevant to your order.


Once you have verified your order and ensured all the information is entered correctly you will be asked to confirm the order which will initiate the sale.