women's skis ATOMIC CLOUD eight 8 BEND-X , woodcore, WHITE, piste rocker, handmade + Atomic L10 lithium ( TOP condition )
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Atomic L 10 lithium
Ski type:
Slalom/SL / All mountain / All round
Skier experience:
Beginner / Recreational / Advanced

Side edges and ski base are in immaculate shape.

The Cloud 8s are women's piste skis from Atomic. They are intended for intermediate skiers who want a good compromise between ease and comfort.The Cloud 8s feature oversized straight Full Sidewall edges that extend from the tip to the tail that make the ski more precise. The Densolite core: foam core offers a high level of vibration absorption for easier skiing. The Cloud 8s incorporate once more Servotec technology, true direction assist for skis. When under tension at the beginning of the turn, this rod compresses an elastomer under the binding, which "arms" the skis. Later in the turn, during the flex of the ski, the compression is released with some force, which has the effect of accelerating the turn and providing you with more power. This technology also increases the stability of the skis by subtly absorbing vibrations. In this way, the Cloud 8s are very lightweight and manageable skis for maximum comfort, which will allow you to progress to the next level


- Densolite Core : this foam core absorbs vibrations and provides greater agility for effortless skiing

- Full Sidewall: These sidewalls extend the entire length of the skis for accurate steering: perfect for high-performance piste and racing skisShape:

- 10% piste rocker/90% classic camber: the rocker best suited to groomed trails. Its camber provides a precise grip, while the slight lifting of the tip facilitates initiation of the turn, a combination that guarantees excellent stabilityTechnology:

- Servotec light: Servotec groove along the upper part of the ski, combined with an elastomer inlay to provide all the cushioning and stability of Servotec technology

- Structured topcoat: extremely durable for increased longevity