ski/snowboard helmet CEBE DUSK 2019, BLACK/red, adjustable
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The ABS construction provides a high level of impact protection and perforation resistance from ultra-strong hard plastic shells and shock absorbing EPS foam lining. Removable deluxe washable fur lining. Internal ducts ensure air flow through, from front to back for a pleasant feeling.

FTF Fine Tuning Fit provides added versatility to the helmet. Fine adjustment allows tightness for perfect stability even at extreme performances. If you're not skiing, it's easy to loosen the adjustment to make it easier to wear.

ABS CONSTRUCTION: The classic design brings a high level of impact protection and perforation resistance.
Ultra strong hard plastic shell ABS EPS inner shell that manages, absorbs and dissipates impacts. The helmet has an inner thermoregulatory lining which is breathable and made of durable material for maximum comfort.

LINING: For comfort and hygiene, most of our heliums have removable lining that is machine washable.
For greater breathability, most have 3D mesh linings that allow heat to escape more easily.

  • Safety glasses holder
  • Weight: 520g