skis STOCKLI BETA SCALE 2019, Woodcore, Titanium, SWISS made + VIST 412 ( TOP condition )
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VIST 412
Ski type:
Freeride / Freestyle / All mountain / All round
Skier experience:
Recreational / Advanced / Expert

Side edges and ski base are in immaculate shape.

Built to be the perfect all-mountain frontside ski, the Stockli Scale Beta will not let you down whether you are making long, swooping GS style turns or busting through crud after skiing out the soft snow in the morning.

The lightweight race inspired construction will help instill confidence when carving on hard pack, while the slight all-mountain rocker will help initiate turns and keep you floating in softer snow. The Scale Beta is that confidence inspiring tool you have been waiting for to open up the whole mountain.


Rocker - the extended curve of the ski bend is referred to as rocker-technology, which ensures easier control of the ski. In the curve, the skis are more stable, the skis are easier to control when moving from edge to edge

  • better buoyancy in powder snow
  • less physical effort
  • skis are more spinning
  • easier transition from arc to arc

Sandwich Sidewall Technology SST - the ski is folded layer by layer and then glued under pressure. Long-term proven ski production technology

  • optimal power transmission
  • optimal accuracy
  • long service life

Light Core LC - use of special, light woods such as Fuma or Balza

  • weight saving
  • dynamic driving characteristics
  • long life

Solid Metal Edge SME - a harder edge significantly extends the life of the skis. Extra robust, solid material protects the skid better from damage

  • longer service life
  • possibility of more service cycles

3.0 Top Sheed Structure TSS - a combination of three different surface structures creates a unique sports effect

  • very durable surface
  • attractive design