freeride skis FACTION DICTATOR 3.0 2019, DUAL SPAN TITANAL + Salomon XT 12
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Salomon XT 12
Ski type:
Freeride / Freestyle / All mountain / All round
Skier experience:
Recreational / Advanced / Expert

Side edges and ski base are in immaculate shape.

The Dictator range from Faction features high-performance nearly flat-tailed skis for all-mountain/freeride use depending on the version. Hurtling down steep corridors at high speed, crossing the choppy snow with no doubt in mind, or floating on fresh snow are its favourite situations.
Thanks to the use of two Titanal plates, Dictator range skis are ultra-stable even at high speed and will absorb the vibrations caused by complex snow conditions.

With a wooden core of paulownia and poplar, the Dictator X goes for a non-standard lightness/dynamism balance. Resolutely freeride in their design, the Dictator skis have a long rocker at the tip and a light rocker at the tail to get better snow clearance and more manoeuvrability on the piste to go from one edge to the other in the blink of an eye.

The sandwich construction gives straight edges along the majority of the ski, which provides the best grip and a lively behaviour in all situations. In summary Dictator skis are real bulldozers, but they do their job with finesse and lightness.

3.0: The Dictator series is available in 4 versions and the Dictator 3.0 is the modern freeride ski of the range with waist and long rocker, for exceptional freeride performance but which also ensures smooth transitions onto the piste. The Dictator 3.0 is both a machine on choppy snow, as well as a beast in powder and has no trouble holding its own on the piste. Designed for experienced to expert skiers ready to send big, with a clear preference for off-piste


Freeride Flat Tail

This type of traditional flat tail is designed to offer maximum speed, edge control and control when turning. The light rocker adds a touch of modernity, and this shape will allow you to slash your turns even more easily and will avoid any snagging in fresh snow.


Light paulownia and poplar core

Paulownia is a stable and lightweight wood. It is combined with softer poplar to boost flex and ski pop. The combination of these two woods produces an ultra-light core that has maximum reactivity and dynamism, complementing and counteracting the attributes of the two integral layers of Titanal that sandwich the core.

Full Strength Sidewall

The full-strength sidewall is a structure that applies layers of protective material along the edges of the sidewall, between the edge and the upper topsheet. The edges offer the best possible stability and grip when the ski goes through a turn, while protecting the wooden core, edges and cover sheet from any external impacts and damage.

Dual Radius Sidecut

Double radius sidecuts combine two radii on the same edge. On the front part of the ski, the shorter radius provides optimal responsiveness and control for short turns, while the longer radius on the rear of the ski provides maximum stability at high speeds. This results in a ski that "surfs" smoothly whatever the angle of the turn.

Titanal Double Layer

Titanal is one of the strongest materials in the industry. Its isotropic characteristics (it has the same mechanical properties in all directions) makes the ski ultra-comfortable on the edge, able to tear through moguls and remain stable even in variable snow: Perfect for creating agressive freeride skis.

Surf Zones

Surf Zone technology has been designed to combine the Rocker and the tapered shape of the tips to ensure that these two key parameters work in perfect harmony. The Rocker provides lift and facilitates the pivoting of the ski, while the Tapered Tips let the widest part of the ski to be moved back towards the centre and thus reduce the risk of accidental edge snagging. This technology provides excellent lift and a smooth ride in all conditions.


The micro cap is a hybrid construction that takes a premium edged sandwich construction, and fuses it to a lightweight and durable cap construction. Thanks to the micro-cap, the sandwich construction provides outstanding edge performance and torsional stability while the topsheet partially covers the edge, protecting the brittle edge that could otherwise flake off if there are shocks.