skis ATOMIC REDSTER G9 SERVOTEC 2020, POWER woodcore, grip walk, TITANIUM + Atomic X 12 TL
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Atomic X 12 TL
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Side edges and ski base are in immaculate shape.

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The Atomic Redster G9 skis are the race-room skis that are certified and ready to take your skiing to the top of the podium. Make no mistake, these are real deal skis-they're stiff, burly, and fast.

Thanks to the construction and technology of the 2019 Atomic Redster G9 skis, you'll find your way to speeds and velocities that you never thought possible. The racing heritage of Atomic is quite strong, and these skis are no exception. When you're standing at the start gate, you'll know that you have the fastest, most stable skis in the field. Featuring full sidewalls, the Redster G9 holds an edge to the ice like nobody's business. Additionally, Servotec technology creates a damp, vibration-free ride thanks to the rod extending from the binding to the front of the ski. This piece of technology keeps the skis glued to the snow, and ensure that your skiing stays at a high level of speed and stability. With a full wood core and titanium layering, the Redster G9 skis are the epitome of solidity.

These things will rocket you from carve to carve as long as you're at speed and pushing the envelope. You have to be really committed to speed and a serious racer to get the most out of these skis. They are really a tool to get you from start to finish as fast as humanly possible. For serious level skiers, the Atomic Redster G9 skis are the utmost in performance.


CORE - all-wood with 2 titanium plates


The skis are equipped with two layers of titanal - this combination guarantees excellent damping and high torsional rigidity.


The all-wood Power Woodcore core is made of a combination of hard and flexible wood and is a guarantee of excellent properties.


The skis have a sandwich construction, which guarantees accurate energy transfer to the edges and a long service life of key properties.


Servotec is a revolutionary technology in ski control. The skis are much easier to handle and calmer at high speed.


A smaller sidecut means more stability, but with the same feeling as skis with a larger cut, thanks to Servotec technology.