skis ATOMIC REDSTER X7, POWER woodcore, grip walk, TITANIUM power + Atomic FT 12
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Atomic FT 12 black
Ski type:
Slalom/SL / Downhill/GS
Skier experience:
Beginner / Recreational / Advanced

Side edges and ski base are in immaculate shape.

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Atomic Redster X7 are sports skis for medium curves. The 100% camber construction guarantees very good condition on hard slopes and very good dexterity - vitality when playing. The all-wood core in combination with titanium will always support you even during a very dynamic ride.

Like all our Atomic Redster X range, one of the great things about the Redster X7 ski is the Multi Radius Sidecut. It’s halfway between giant slalom and slalom so you can use it to ski short turns and long turns – making it a really versatile ski for piste skiing. The Redster X7 is also fully loaded with titanium to give it torsional stiffness and running stability.

Terrain: always on piste, mostly on piste

Driving skills: sportive skier, very sportive skier

Preferred way to ski: mainly short to medium turns, mainly medium to long turns


CORE - all-wood with 2 titanium plates

TITANIUM POWERED: The skis are equipped with two layers of titanal - this combination guarantees excellent damping and high torsional rigidity.

POWER WOODCORE: The all-wood Power Woodcore core is made of a combination of hard and flexible wood and is a guarantee of excellent properties.

FULL SIDEWALL: The skis have a sandwich construction, which guarantees accurate energy transfer to the edges and a long service life of key properties.