skis STOCKLI LASER SL VRT SOC, woodcore, double titan + Salomon L 10 lithium ( TOP condition )
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Salomon L 10 lithium
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Side edges and ski base are in immaculate shape.

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The Stöckli Laser SL is built for high speed short turns, precision control and maximum acceleration at the end of a turn.
It is the Slalom expert ski for those who like to charge the pistes. This short turn racing machine is developed with the Stöckli WorldCup team and shares a lot of technology with the Stöckli WorldCup FIS approved racing skis. A serious ski for those who seek G-Force speed and fun.

VRT - Vario Racing Technology: Like the core, the upper Titanal layer also has a thickness profile. The Titanal layer is thinner at the ski‘s tip and tail. VRT technology has been incredibly successful in competitive racing.

SST – Sandiwch Sidewall Technology: The ski is built up layer-by-layer, with each layer glued together under pressure – a well-proven manufacturing process in ski construction.

SOC – Size Optimized Construciton: FIS models are precisely adapted to each individual’s physical needs and skiing requirements.

SME – Solid Metal Edge: Stöckli has started incorporating wider edges in all of its ski models. This not only extends the lifetime of the ski, but it also pays dividends for ski rental services, where the material is subject to particularly harsh use. In addition, the exceptionally robust materials and a clever design protect the ski surface against scratches and damage.

FEC - Full Edge Contact: The ski is wider at the tip (and for GS also at the tail).

TSS – 3.0 Top Sheet Structure: New surface on the LASER models. Combining three different textures, the skis gain a unique, classy and athletic look. Every ski is unique.