children's/junior skis VOLKL RACETIGER GS, composite core, TIP rocker, green/red + Marker 7
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Marker 7.0 / Marker 4.5
Ski type:
All mountain / All round / Downhill/GS
Skier experience:
Beginner / Recreational / Advanced / Expert

Side edges and ski base are in immaculate shape.

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Junior racers will love the strength, power, and precision of the Volkl Racetiger GS junior skis. With varying radii depending on length, you're sure to have the properly shaped ski for your racing needs. For many racers, the transition to a ski with a wood core and metal laminates is a big step, and the Racetiger GS is the perfect ski to get you to the next level. With a multi-layer wood core, the skis are built much like the World Cup models, just softer. Junior racers will love the quickness, snap, and pop that this wood core delivers, as it propels them down the hill at ever-increasing speeds. The torsional stiffness and edge grip are off the charts thanks to the 65 mm waist width. The narrower the ski, the better the grip, and this is no exception. As a result, the confidence level of your little racer will go up and up thanks to the increased grip and traction. Feel free to rip through some huge turns, thanks to the tip rocker and the changing turn radius. Junior racers who are stepping up their race game and are looking to rule the local ski clubs will love the blend of speed, power, and precision of the Volkl Racetiger GS junior race skis.

  • Multi-Layer Wood Core
  • Powered by Titanium
  • Tip Rocker
  • Full Sidewall