skis ATOMIC VANTAGE 79 TI 2020, blue/red, prolite, grip walk + Atomic FT 12
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Atomic FT 12 black
Ski type:
All mountain / All round
Skier experience:
Recreational / Advanced / Expert

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The Atomic Vantage 79 Ti is new to the Vantage range for the winter season, with the same dimensions of the Carbon version this ski has the same characteristics but with a Titanium Tank mesh instead of Carbon, this makes it stiffer flex damper ride more suited advanced or aggressive skiers without losing any responsiveness and energy.

At 79mm underfoot this ski is well suited to a variety of skiing within resort boundaries but still keeping its roots firmly in the piste performance category, it offers you a good level of versatility, while being able to cope with the demands of fresh snowfall and varied terrain. Power and control on piste with all mountain agility is this skis repute.

Featuring Atomic's Titanium Tank Mesh, a layer of rigid woven mesh that adds strength across the ski while reducing weight while Power Woodcore and a Cap Sidewall offer solid edge grip increased edge in hard snow or icy pistes. With its thinner-waist 79mm footprint it makes on-piste turns you can be proud of and lets you occasionally explore off the side.
Prolite construction combines with the Titanium Tank Mesh and the Energy Backbone to provide a damp, manoeuvrable and inspiring ride that gives you the confidence to tackle everything the mountain puts in front of you.

If you spend the majority of your time on piste but still want the versatility that an all mountain ski brings then the 2020 Atomic Vantage 79 Ti is a great option for advanced to expert skiers who love to carve at speed but don't wan the weight that usually comes with piste perfomance/race styled skis. In contrast this is a lightweight and easy to engage construction that makes it easy on the legs so you can get the most out of your time on the mountain.

Features Include:

All Mountain Rocker - 90% camber underfoot providesstability and power with 10% rocker in the nose for easier turn initiation, better float, and less hooks ups in soft snow

Cap Sidewall - Sidewall underfoot provides grip, whilst a cap in the tip and tail reduces weight

Power Woodcore - Strong and lightweight, this core is made of a combination of Ash and Poplar, it gives a sporty feel with excellent response

Prolite Construction - Brings excellent strength in a slim and lightweight profile

Energy Backbone - Runs along the edges of the ski to bring improved strength and power

Titanium Tank Mesh - A layer of super rigid mesh which adds a huge amount of strength to provide excellent stability