skis HEAD SUPERSHAPE i.MAGNUM SW 2020, GRAPHENE, KERS, WC, ERA 3.0s, grip walk + Head PRD 12
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Head PRD 12
Ski type:
Slalom/SL / All mountain / All round
Skier experience:
Recreational / Advanced / Expert
Ski length:
130-72-110 (163cm);
12,2 (163cm);
72 (163cm);

The HEAD SUPERSHAPE I.MAGNUM is part of the supershape range, powerful, playful skis which give youmaximum feeling on well-groomed snow. The details: a light rocker at the tip, a narrow base and a short radius.All of the features make the ski easy to handle and very responsive, providing impressive grip and rebound. It will delight skiers who love to attack the mountain hard whilst maintaining control of their speed.With World Cup Graphene Cap Sandwich construction and a wood and graphene core this ski has a great reserve of power for excellent attack when carving. The ABS sidewalls give the ski exemplary grip and the reinforced titanal plate provides high level stability and ski/snow contact.

What is more, the KERS offer a power reserve so you can accelerate out of the turn.
ERA 3.0 technology brings together rocker and performance. The Rocker offers easy initiation into turns and increases the manoeuvrability of the ski. The progressive radius provides precision when starting a turn and increases grip during the turn. Intellirise Rebound minimises vibrations and increases stability at high speeds.This is an easy to handle, superior performance ski built so you can enjoy each turn on the slope, whatever the terrain.


Worldcup GRAPHENE Cap Sandwich Construction: the GRAPHENE construction is designed with the most sophisticated materials known today. In fact GRAPHENE is the strongest material of its weight around. It gives the ski excellent responsiveness and reduces the use of other materials producing ultra-light, high performance structure.
With straight sidewall construction and a GRAPHENE and wood core, reinforced with a layer of Titanal and strips of fiberglass and the lightest carbon, this structure comes directly from the racing world, giving the ski extreme agility and response for supreme performance.

KERS: KERS technology works like a turbo providing extra power and acceleration whilst adding rigidity to the tail of the ski when you come out of a turn. The effect? a boost of power which catapults the skier into the next turn. Head's KERS technology is an electronic system which functions automatically. It influences the longitudinal flex of the ski with a microchip which stores energy and releases it as you come out of the turn at precisely the right moment.

ERA 3.0: a mix of 3 technologies which ensure maximum benefit from a Rocker ski. The SPEED ROCKER improves the manoeuvrability of the ski. PROGRESSIVE RADIUS, the radius of the ski is shortened in line with the rocker, less angle is required for the ski to have contact with the snow, which improves grip. INTELLIRISE REBOUND improves ski stability by reducing unwanted vibrations at the tip. In the Supershape range, the rocker and radius of the tip are different for different models.

Intelligent technology: assists your skis so they perform consistently in accordance with the terrain and your style. Made up of intellifibres placed at a 45° angle in front of the binding. The convert the mechanic impulses of the ski into electric energy, The more powerful your ski is the greater the electric energy. This energy is then redirected towards the Intellifibres which harden and provide more rebound and torsional rigidity. This improves the entry of the edges in the snow and provides more stability to the whole ski.

UHM C structured racing sole: the best quality base and finish in the world. The technicians who make skis for the World Cup Rebels use the same materials and machines to combine this base and ultra-quick structure to your skis.

Speed Rocker: for perfect handling on compact snow, a slight inclination on a classic camber, which provides excellent performance, makes turning easier and offering great efficiency on wet snow. 10% rocker and 90% camber: exactly what you need to round your angles whilst still taking a bite out of turns. The Speed Rocker makes HEAD on-piste skis real speed bombs with power-assisted steering. As fast as lightning.

RX TOE with TRP system: the blades are equipped with two rollers which centre the boot after each effort and open easily when needed. It is all about safety.

Full Diagonal: located on the front toe-piece, the full diagonal system means the front of your boot works as well horizontally and vertically. It limits the constraint of your ligaments and prevents injuries when you fall backwards.

Anti Friction Slider: 65mm wide slider on rail. Shoes with rubber soles come off more easily when you fall.

RX Heel: Light and easy to put on, it has a good-sized lever for maximum safety and the Diagonal opening prevents ligament damage if you should fall.