freestyle skis SALOMON SUSPECT RLD, twintip, pulse pad, sandwich construction + Atomic FFG 12
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Atomic FFG 12
Ski type:
Twintip / Freeride / Freestyle / All mountain / All round
Skier experience:
Recreational / Advanced / Expert

Side edges and ski base are in immaculate shape.

The Suspect from Salomon is the ski of choice for X Games athletes such as Bobby Brown, this ski can hit rails and jumps all day long without skipping a beat. This ski has sandwich construction and a full woodcore for ultimate snap and reinforced edges for protection when hitting rails. These skis are pretty stiff as far as terrain park skis go, so we recommend them for more advanced park rats looking to ski, spin, slide and butter their way on to the podium.

Sandwich Construction (SW): SW means that the sides of the skis are a vertical wall rather the the rounded Cap construction forund on most skis. Since none of the skis material needs to be exerting force maintaining shape at the edges, SW skis are stiffer than their Cap counterparts. Most people find SW skis to be damper, that is more glued to the snow, superior at high speed GS turns and top notch at busting through crud or choppy snow.

Wood Core: The standard core which has throughout time provided the best performance and durability. Each model may have it's own density level to help define flex and maximum speed but every wood core ski will be solid.

Active Camber: Active camber is a traditional base, essentially the absence of tip rocker. Active camber skis have superior edge hold on hard surfaces and at high speeds, but are more difficult to ski off-piste.

Twin tip skis: are where its at these days. Their versatility allows you to ski powder in the morning, bumps at midday, and session the park in the afternoon. The turned up tail is also optimal for skiing backwards (switch), but for most people, it just looks cool.

Extra Wide Edges: This ski employs thicker-than-average edges to hold up to the beating that you'll put them through.

Salomon Pulse Pad: A layer of rubber along the edges and in certain zones of the ski for a smoother ride and improved snow contact.