ski/snowboard helmet RED PRIME, White
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"(The product description was automatically translated by google translator)"<\p>

Red Prime Helmet: An understanding of Red’s technological superiority would be about as complex as prime number studies in and ivy-league math department – or equivalent to feeling the most comfortable helmet fit imaginable.

- Vents – Red’s Airvanced Ventilation is a rider-controlled venting that allows variable airflow to the inner helmet microclimate and limits the invasion of outside elements // The Air Band Fit System offers a low-profile, air-fueled headband intelligently sandwiched between the helmet shell and eight anatomical pads, complete with living hinges that softly contour to your head for a perfect fit. Subtle molding control for desired comfort is achieved using the pump-button on the right ear pad.

- Goggle Compatibility – The 1:1 ratio design agenda helps afford a seamless relationship between goggle and helmet for an air tight fit // Red helmets and Anon goggles have been designed and developed together increasing your experience on the snow.

- Adjustability – Adjustable chinstrap

- Other Features – Compatible with Redphones audio accessories // Quick Clip II Earpads simply snap in place and you’re set to go. Improved locking pads add warmth to enhance comfort and easily convert for multi-season use