skis SALOMON X-DRIVE 7.5 X-chassis, woodcore, titan + Salomon L 10 lithium ( TOP condition )
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Salomon L 10 lithium
Ski type:
Slalom/SL / All mountain / All round
Skier experience:
Beginner / Recreational / Advanced
Ski length:
147; 154;
118-75-101 (147cm); 119-75-102 (154cm);
12 (147cm); 12 (154cm);
75 (147cm); 75 (154cm);

Side edges and ski base are in immaculate shape.

The Salomon X-Drive 7.5 is a great learning tool for the true beginner to mellow intermediate skier looking for an easy ski to learn with, and will be solid when they improve. A Composite Core with a Single Ti Layer is soft and forgiving enough for you to graduate from a snowplow into parallel turn with some speed seamlessly.

Salomon's Semi-Sandwich Construction uses a Monocoque Cap Construction in the tip and tail for extra forgiveness and maneuverability, with an ABS Sidewall underfoot for edge hold when things get a little firm. The X-Drive 7.5 has All Terrain 2.0 Rocker with rocker in the tip for easy turn initiation, camber underfoot for stability, and a small amount of rocker in the tail that will make it extremely easy to ski. A RKS (Rocker Stabilizer) increase the ability for you to tip the ski on edge at faster speeds for increased control and responsiveness.

If you are a beginner looking for that perfect ski for you to get to the next level of your skiing the Salomon X-Drive 7.5 will make a great selection.


  • 75mm Waist Width
  • All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 Rocker
  • Glossy Topsheet
  • Semi Sandwich Construction
  • Composite Core
  • RKS (Rocker Stabilizer)
  • Single Ti Laminate


Single TI laminate - a single later of titaniumreinforcement for great edge grip, efficient energy transfer and liveliness, combination of fibers that reduces weight and adds maneuverability and forgiveness

Tip and tail protector increases ski longevity and keeps skis visually attractive

Combination of ABS sidewalls under foot and monocoque construction at the tip and tail gives the smooth ski-to-snow contact of sandwich construction with the forgiveness and turning of monocoque

With a slight tip and tail rise, All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 adds an extra dimension of versatility and control for all mountain skiing.
Camber in the middle of the ski and full length contact guarantees strong edge grip, stability and power for hard snow and piste skiing

The slight twin rocker also allows the ski to pivot easier when ski is flat, increasing control and maneuverability

RKS Rocker Stabilizer - 3D composite fiber reinforcement in the rocker contact zones dramatically improves precision and steering