skis ELAN ELEMENT LS 2020, Groove tech, Prabolic rocker, DUAL woodcore + Elan EL 10 ( like NEW )
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Elan EL 10
Ski type:
Slalom/SL / Downhill/GS / All mountain / All round
Skier experience:
Beginner / Recreational / Advanced

Side edges and ski base are in immaculate shape.

Element Skiing will boost your self confidence bring harmony to every skiing experience. It will give you the necessary stability and ease of use.

You will be able to cut snow control arcs throughout the day. Ski Element, equipped with profiled parabolic rocker, have been improved also with Groove and Power Shell technologies giving beginner skiers the certainty of being able to ride faster and go even on more demanding slopes.

Product classification:

  • For whom: Unisex
  • Type of skis: All Mountain/All Round, Slalom ski
  • Type of skier: Recreational, Sports
  • Type of ski slope: Adjusted, Prepared and powder
  • Core type: Wooden core
  • Including binding: Yes


Groove technology

Groove technology provides better stability and control over the skis by distributing the pressure along the entire length of the edge.

Parabolic Rocker profile
This hybrid profile has a finely cut toe and heel that allows easy deployment in arches. In addition, the stabilizer at the tip dampens vibrations, which improves the holding of the edges on the slope.

DuaLite Wood Core
The core consists of two wooden beams. Such a construction guarantees easy handling in various snow conditions.

Laminate reinforcement

Laminate reinforcement optimizes the flexibility of the skis and reduces their weight.

Light Shift system

Light Shift is a binding system with a flexible plate-in-plate construction, which contributes to increased performance with less energy and low weight. The binding has a thin profile made of light composite materials, thanks to which it dampens vibrations perfectly.