6.1 This declaration regarding protection of personal data relates only to the e-shop  subsidiary of SKI MOUNTAINS s. r. o. ,which is for the purposes of this declaration listed as the administrator of personal data protection (hereinafter the “Administrator”).

6.2 The subject of personal data gathered by the e-shop , which has filled in and sent the order confirmation from this e-shop or concluded sales transaction with the Administrator.

6.3 Regarding storage of personal data the Administrator shall follow Act No. 18/2018 Coll. on Personal Data Protection in accordance with EC and EU Council Regulation No. 2016/679 dated Apr 27,2016, related to physical entities processing personal data, personal data free movement and cancellation of EC Regulation No. 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR).

6.4 The Administrator shall store other less prioritized personal data required for compliance with the laws and regulations pertaining to sales and sales contracts concluded by the e-shop or for provision of services offered and improvement of the e-shop effectiveness, etc. the efficiency of this E-shop etc.

6.5 The Administrator shall process personal data in a computerized and automated manner or manually.

6.6 The Administrator shall not keep any sensitive or unusual personal data related to the customer’s estate, national or ethnic origin, political affiliation, political party membership,religion, health status or sexual orientation etc.

6.7 Pursuant to Act No. 18/2018 Coll. on Personal Data Protection in accordance with EC and EU Council Regulation No. 2016/679 dated Apr 27, 2016, related to physical entities processing personal data, personal data free movement and cancellation of EC Regulation No. 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR), personal data of the customer shall be processed by the Administrator within the extent necessary for fulfillment of legal and sales contract obligations, in which the customer acts as a second party to such transactions as does the subject of their personal data, which allows for contract fulfillment on the part of the service provider and the Administrator with the permission of the customer in an OPT-OUT manner, with respect to acknowledging the use of personal data for marketing purposes, entered into the order form located in the e-shop at

By agreeing to the use of personal data for marketing purposes and acknowledging the GDPR legislation for these purposes, the subject agrees that he/she is aware of their personal data usage rights, in particular the right to:

  •          Legally request the access to their personal data
  •          Legally request to adjust their personal data in case of errors or identified
  •          Legally request the deletion or restricted use of their personal data
  •          Legally object to the processing of personal data
  •          Legal right to verify the accuracy of personal data
  •          Legal right to withdraw from the contract, which shall not affect the aspect of personal data processing before the withdrawal
  •          Legal right to file a complaint regarding the personal data processing to the appropriate supervision authority, namely the Personal Data Protection Authority. 

6.8 The Administrator may change its approach to personal data protection, namely to reflect the actual approach thereto. In case of such change the subject shall be notified with request to sign a new agreement on terms and conditions on

6.9 All personal data are collected by the Administrator on voluntary basis, with expect of providing personal data upon request of the justice system or to fulfilling any other legal obligations.

6.10  The subject may request the Administrator to delete, modify adjust or to withdraw permission regarding the use of personal data at

6.11 The Administrator keeps personal data on the legal basis of fulfillment of its contract sales obligation and other service obligations with the customer and the subject of the personal data in the E-shop . The following data are required to be kept as part of the sales contract and as evidence in the case of criminal acting:

  •          Name and surname (in case of a business also its name, company identification number, and tax identification number)
  •          Home address / billing address
  •          shipping address
  •          e-mail address
  •          telephone number

The Administrator shall not collect personal data or other data for any other legal purposes. If the Administrator decides to collect such data, it shall be exclusively upon the permission obtained from the subject on the personal data use (ie. agreement to use personal data for marketing purposes, as requested in the order form on the e-shop

6.12 The Administrator is legally bound not to share the personal data described in the previous clause with any other third party (with the exception of the Administrator´s contract executing staff ) any other commercial interest not related to the e-shop at  without prior permit obtained from the subject. The Administrator is legally bound, upon request and without explanation from the subject, to delete any and all personal data from its database, with the exception of those that would identify the subject to the revenue office , which are at the time of deletion located in separate, backed up databases of the Administrator.