5.1 Responsibility for handling the damaged goods is stipulated in §622 and §623 of the Civil Code. The vendor shall assume responsibility for returns and refunds as specified by the laws of the Slovak Republic, specifically Act No. 250/2007 Coll., the Slovak Civil Code and other applicable laws and regulations.

5.2 For all purchases concluded pursuant to the Civil Code, product warranty shall follow the laws of the Slovak Republic, unless the law specifies a shorter warranty period for certain products. The warranty period shall come in force one the day of product transfer.

5.3 The warranty applies to all consumer goods with limited lifespan, specified in applicable laws and regulations.

5.4 The warranty does not apply to damages incurred due to regular usage, the acts of the customer or another third party after the product transfer, improper use, excessive or unintended use, mechanical damage or wear, usage of the product contradictory to the user manual or to intended use, disregarding rules outlining the products intended use, poor handling and storage, usage in emergency circumstances, improper installation or mounting, failure to perform regular maintenance and follow service periods (if required by the product manual) for the product (ski, ski boots and binding).

5.5 The warranty is shall cease in case of product modification or any after- market adjustment made by the customer.

5.6 The customer can initiate the claim:

- via website on www.mardosport.com , Budimír 7 , 04443 Budimír, Slovakia, by presenting the order confirmation and proof of purchase

- Shipping the product with all relate documents (mainly proof of purchase) to www.mardosport.com , Budimír 7 , 04443 Budimír, Slovakia, only by designated courier, not by regular postal service! Please attach the returned product with the proof of purchase and original shipping confirmation. We recommend attaching also the filled claim form.


We do not pick up returns from the post office and shall not process the post-based returns

5.7 The customer shall attach the returned product with, a legible original or copy of the proof of purchase and detail description of the damage or malfunction. The product shall be shipped in its original state with all accessories received.

5.8 Upon accepting the return, the vendor shall send to the customer a confirmation. If the return is processed via remote shipping the vendor must deliver the return confirmation and the refund confirmation. Confirmation of return does not need to be shipped if the vendor has opted to provide the proof in other manner. Return confirmation shall not be issued without  product return.

5.9 If the product damage is deemed repairable by the vendor, the vendor reserves the right to repair the damage speedily and free of charge. The vendor is required to address the repairable damage without unnecessary delay. The customer can request a product exchange or a partial exchange if an interchangeable part of the product is damaged, provided that it wouldn´t cause substantial change of the product price or the damage severity. The vendor can always replace the damaged product with the new one, if this does not incur any difficulties for the customer. If the damage permanently prevents the product from being used in the intended way, the customer has the right to exchange the product or to terminate the sales contract. The same applies to the customer in if  the damage can be repaired, but due to accumulated damage or subsequent product failure unrelated to the original damage, it prevents from the intended and safe use of the product. If the damage is deemed irreparable, the vendor reserves the right to offer an appropriate discount on the product.

5.10 The vendor shall issue a refund no later than 30 days from the return confirmation in accordance with the consumer protection law. The customer acknowledges that return confirmation and refund notification can be issued electronically via e-mail and supplied to the customer contact information provided. After concluding the return transaction as notified by e-mail, text message or by other means, the customer is required to pick up the replacement product within 15 days if the return was addressed via repair, discount, product exchange or denied return.

5.11 If the customer does not pick up the replacement product within 30 days after the return’s conclusion, repeated attempts at delivery or in - store within similar time frame, the vendor shall legally entitled to demand compensation from the customer of the storage fees incurred in order to house the product in relation to the storage time, space and location.

The claim form can be downloaded here (click to download)